• Short story about… fear

    The series of photographs entitled "A short story about...  fear" deals with one of the strongest feelings in life for all of us, and that is fear. On one hand, fear drives us to survive, forcing us to go ahead and cross the barriers. On the other hand, fear paralyzes us. Due to the fear we remain locked, frozen in our lifetimes powerless to get rid of that thin, almost transparent membrane that envelops us and all of our actions. Unlike the fear that arises due to the imminent danger, the fear of our own life resides in a subconscious level, and becomes our silent companion, mostly during the whole life. Its destructive power is blurred in the illusion that we passionately cherish - the illusion of control over our lives, just as the photograph has the illusion of reality. However, some manage to solid, petrified form of fear transform into a fluid mass that flows like blood flow to our body and allows it to move freely, changing and evolving. Like the water in which we leave dangling,  fear takes the form of what we give to him.

    Prints mounted on glass, 50x70 cm Belgrade, 2014