• Waves

    Floating installation in the space is made of twelve photographs in meter format with scenes of Deliblato Sands landscape. It stretches in the form of waves through darkened gallery space, and each visitor illuminates the work with a flashlight, thus attaining the evasiveness of experience of wholeness and detail. Interventions in the form of weaving with wire and wool were made on photographs, expanding photographic landscape into three-dimensional space, so to speak, the landscape “entering” the space and conquering an observer. Landscape interventions are a natural continuation of the motif in photography, accentuating it and bringing it to life. Through this installation, I am questioning the possibility of “transferring” the landscape beyond its reality and of changing perception from usual observation to a sensory experience. The landscape is the last refuge of a man and with this installation I remind the viewers of their origin, their connection with nature, the need for touch and emotion it produces. The installation is accompanied with a sound improvisation by musician and sound designer Marko Jevtić. This work is part of a research process conducted within doctoral studies in art, at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.