• The Imitation of Intimacy

    The installation in the space consists of 14 photographs in 180x120 cm format. In the photographs, interventions were made in the form of weaving with wire and wool, which expands the two-dimensional space of the photographic landscape to three-dimensional space, so to speak, the landscape "enters" space and conquers it - conquers the observer or better said the participant in the landscape. Landscape interventions are a natural continuation of the motif in photography and bring it to life. The observer/participant is invited to freely touch the landscape and all its artefacts, with a warning that he may be injured (by the sharpness of the wire) just as in a real landscape. Through this installation, I re-examine the possibility of "transferring" the landscape beyond its reality, bringing it into the fictional reality of art. Landscape as an intimate space is the last refuge of humanity. By imitating the intimate (space), I remind the participants/viewers of their origin, of the need for intimacy, for touch, an emotion that arises from a completely personal experience and active participation. The circular shape of the installation is associated with a kind of ritual modelled on the ancient pagan customs through which people communicate with nature and the "higher forces" they considered superior. The repetitiveness of photographs (similar to the motifs shown on them) distracts the viewer from the traditional viewing of a photograph as the ultimate experience and directs him towards perceiving the whole. That whole changes its expression depending on the place where the viewer is. External and internal viewing of the setting implies a sensory and intellectual experience of one and the same scene. The installation is accompanied by sound by Marko Jevtić.